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Monadnock: The Book and the Film

      The book Monadnock: More Than a Mountain, is being made into a 90-minute high definiton documentary film by Rabbit Ear Films of Keene, New Hampshire. Squeezing a 400-page book into that space is taking some effort, but we are very pleased with the results so far and we hope to share it at the Monadnock Film Festival in April, 2014.

The film is entitled "Monadnock: The Mountain that Stands Alone."

Headed up by Steve Hooper, former photographer at the Keene Sentinel, Rabbit Ear Films also includes editor/producer Dan White of Ken Burns-Florentine Films of Walpole and composer Larry Siegel, who adapted the music from his "Monadnock Tales" for the soundtrack. The music for the soundtrack was played by the Apple Hill String Quartet. Craig Brandon, the author of Monadnock: More Than a Mountain, adapted it into the film's script. You can see the trailer for the film here and find out more about Rabbit Ear Films here.

Mount Monadnock in southwest New Hampshire is the most climbed mountain in North America and the third most climbed mountain in the world. More than 60 poems have been written about it, dozens of paintings of it are in museums around the world and nearly 100,000 people hike it every year. It's a special and unique place and this site is dedicated to those  who climb it, write about it, paint it or just love it.

Preserving the mountain has been a century-long project that involved thousands of people who successfully battled loggers and developers to retain the mountain in its undeveloped state beloved by hikers throughout the world, without the antennas, highways and chalets that developers wanted to build on it.


Monadnock: More Than a Mountain, originally published in 2007, is now in its second printing and has been widely praised. Here is what people have said about it:

"In the newly publshed "Monadnock More than a Mountain," Craig Brandon offers a sweeping and colorful history of what is the most climbed mountain in North America." -- Jan Gardner, Boston Globe 8/26/07

"An enlightening, detailed account of how the centuries of vocal and written admiration fueled the passage of preservation laws to give us the Monadnock we have today...a worthy descendant of Allen Chamberlain's stalwart history." (Annals of the Grand Monadnock). Brandon has touched on the breadths and heights of the historical Monadnock mosaic." -- Steve Sherman, Keene Sentinel 11/18/2007

"Craig Brandon's "Monadnock More than a Mountain" is an informative, useful and long-overdue successor to Allen Chamberlain's "Annals of the Grand Monadnock," first published by the Forest Society in 1936. This all new and updated history of Monadnock is a worthy addition to the rich literary legacy of the most-climbed mountain." - David Anderson, education director, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

This site will provide information about the new film, the history of the mountain, the poems that were written about it, the music that was composed about it, the paintings of it and speculations about its future. It's also the official web page of the book Monadnock: More than a Mountain by Craig Brandon.

Come in and explore all we have to offer and post your comments on the Monadnock Blog.



    This page last updated Nov. 13 2013